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Stupor of Unchartered Territory

The Overview

Mars in Gemini Squares Neptune in Pisces at 21º44’ with the aspect going exact on 9th April and this colors the whole week. Oh this aspect makes us woozy, sea sick, drained of physical energy, unfocused yet teaches us what inspired action is all about.

Mars and Neptune together can take us to places our logical mind wouldn’t allow us to go, much like physical actions under influence of alcohol or drugs. This dual sign square has duality embedded in its core — we could try to force action and feel physically mentally exhausted. Or we could let ourselves be guided into action with low resistance and visit places we ourselves would never go. Disillusionment happens if we have a fixed expectation out of a mutable sign aspect. Any fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) who are friends with mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius) would know what I am talking of.

More fixed expectations you have from mutables, the more disappointed disillusioned you would feel. The more you flow with their flow cause they are trying to take a road less travelled and more interesting one, the more you would enjoy that journey with them.

Don’t expect them to show up on the place or time you think they should, they live on life’s clock not anyone else’s. Events right now would not work on your time.

The Warning : Confusion in action

There can be disturbing elements either material or psychological that can cause action to be delayed or create confusion around how to go about what we want. Sometimes we fight this and action is taken without have full or accurate information in hand which can be detrimental. Imagination is stimulated, daydream, fantasy, exceptional inspiration, sexual fantasies which can draw us to out of this world creations or overindulgence and withdrawal from reality. The lower frequency normally take us down the road of depletion of physical energy, lower immunity, accidents due to lapse in judgement, emotional disillusionment. Its a short lived transit but impact should be managed by not trying to press on when you don’t have clarity. Rather channel this into creative, social, compassionate, inspirational goals.

Neptune rules liquids, travel, seas, water bodies, spirituality, religion, deception, illusion where we can expect problems and confusion.

The Benefit

Much like that is this aspect, Mars is out of bound, out of its limits and meeting nebulous Neptune in hard aspect at degrees Neptune has never even itself walked on since mid 19th century. Precisely since 1857, the start of Indian uprising against the British empire. Many factors apart from that challenged the invincibility and colonially enforced racial superiority of the British which encouraged further rebellion.

With Mars out of bounds you might be inspired out of a higher dream or an inspiration of an ideal goal which would break what was invincible in your mind — the British empire of your life thats been ruling your life in some ways, collecting your checks & taxes just because it seemed to have a birth right to should be questioned. Make sure it’s your idea not of another. With Neptune is always that — a bit of confusion helps us walk on clouds — break through the patterns we would normally not break from cause it thins the veils, thins the boundaries. Like fighting a parasite, your body can feel weak fighting that old parasitic thought pattern but trust the process.

Neptune helps us dissolves whats not real and sometimes that happens with heartbreaks disillusionment but it never takes away what was real to your soul’s growth. Its going to dissolve the elements of Mars in Gemini — our over communication, our over busy schedule, too much information / data / people / talks, negative not so inspiring people & surroundings — cutting the noise a bit by making us almost unable to do it all. It questions our way of currently doing things when it deals with business, contracts, transport, travel, communication. (Like why does my toilet roll need to come all the way through a passage way owned by Egypt!)

At the same time if our actions are inspired by our surroundings, our environment, our desires colored by others in our life, Neptune would help us strip that out. Its a long process with Neptune taking two years at each degree shifting our mindset, our philosophy & hence the collective world around us but we would experience a strong piece of that this week.

Unchartered Territory

Neptune left shadow period on 19th of March and since then it has been going through unchartered territory as is true for Pluto as well. Pisces or Neptune dominant would have especially felt like fish out of water as would have Scorpio or Pluto dominant.

As these are external planets impacting the collective as a whole we are in unchartered territory.

Neptune is descending from a peak experience where certain key revelations have been had and made with the new moon in Pisces at this very degree in Mid March. Where an inner revelation has resulted in a new mandate but now its work is to descend that “higher law” into everyday existence. This is revealed knowledge which has formative and structuring power over the collective, different from our physical experience.

“A Prophet carrying tablets of the New Law is walking down the slopes of Mount Sinal” ~ Rudhyar

After a phase of inner revelations, now with planets concentrated in cardinal Aries, our focus is on converting this inner knowing to external realization. But the Pisces season and Neptune will extend its way into this new start as it continues to overshadow the ruler of upcoming new moon and full moon Mars.

There is always a purpose to Neptune’s seeming vagueness. Mars in Gemini deals with practical matters, business, contracts, statements, knowledge but when our drive is clouded may be its time to not rush in. Especially if what you are working on is not your plan. Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception. So if the desires you are working on aren’t yours but more a result of conditioning of your surroundings, sibling, friends, coworkers, media, early education, you will find the classic Neptune disillusionment, procrastination, dwindling drive in this moment.

It highlights the power of our mind, our imagination to transcend our immediate surrounding which might be limiting your flight.

Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre was published when this exact aspect as this very degree was repeated in 1857. Both transcended limitations in their own ways through their imagination and what came out of it was far more superior than just another romance novel. Use this aspect to add that flair of creative imagination to your work, you are missing something thats stopping you in your tracks, listen to yourself, decondition your work. Neptune is higher octave of love, it dissolves the desires that aren’t real, influenced by others and guides our action to what would give you the real high.

Its not a great time to be guided by other people, this is your journey and something you need to do solo as is normally the case with Aries new beginning that are coming up.

There will be gossips, lies, news cycle, fears of our imagination — all the lower frequency of Neptune playing out in the collective but our mind is a powerful thing and we could tune that out, tune out the “other” and tune into our own higher frequency in this moment to listen to the music of our greatest work in this time. Be with yourself in your body with you fully present.

Imagination and inspiration not brute physical force helps us transition from Pisces to Aries new moon this week. Helps us bring that New Law, the revelation of Pisces new moon to actionable new cardinal start with the beautiful powerful New Moon in Aries coming on 11th/12th April.

Global events

Neptune is an outer planet and with this aspect we should expect global events apart from the obvious transit disruptions, sea events, misinformation, misguided actions, information hacks as well as new inspirational ideas, new philanthropic activities.

This is no ordinary aspect for United States as it has this aspect at this very degree in its natal chart — it would form a mutual T-square prompting the nation to face a conflict its been avoiding with a trade partner for a while. Being the Mars return on the day this aspect becomes exact 9th April and a day before after would be key to observe for the country as we would see some very critical actions with impact over next two years on the country as it undergoes its Pluto return.

This is critical to the country’s relationships and associations to its trading partners & alliances with contracts, discussions, agreements, even open conflicts being discussed and talked of. Mars being in Gemini it would excite the minds of people and as always be in the news and discussions. Mars being the apex of this aspect we can expect conflict, sharp words, sometimes even conflict. This to me points to Iran discussions but can extend beyond as well especially with Pluto stationing in second half of month.

With Neptune there will be misinformation, deceits, lots of leaks prevalent and some pipe dreams being sold. News of disgrace and gossips usually come out with this and misplaced blames for disruptions like a female captain being blamed for a canal blockage when she wasn’t even there. Border conflicts can also come up as Neptune blurs boundaries and Mars fights that. Neptune also blurs the boundaries of our physical body reducing immunity.

With Chiron conjunct ruler of Mars on the same day, I would be careful in taking liberties with the reopenings & immunity as well as in travel.

This is also an important transit for India as its about to complete its two year Mars cycle which started with the May 2019 elections. Good or the bad outcome of that along with possibly some disillusionment is possible.

Mars Neptune clash also points to actions in conflict with religious ideals, socialism and ideal society. Needless to say this aspect forms a T-square with France’s chart. T-square always brings up the problem we never want to face. Problem we have been dodging through or manipulating our way through but ones that need discussions & both sides to hear each other. Neptune being the apex points to artists, religious leaders, spiritual leaders who can help in the solution. Neptune in first house here reflects low immunity and possible sea water linked issues.

Sometimes actions and words are colored by fake religious leaders under the influence of this aspect as Neptune can bring deceptive actions through religion. Compassion for the difference always has power to surpass this confusion and delusion by a few.

I will close this here, happy to look at specific countries if you like or discuss by sign in next part.



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