Another year, another lesson…

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3 min readJan 1, 2023


2022 was a year of Saturn in 4th house for me and it took me from astrology to psychology to philosophy as I was in some ways pushed to know myself, what drives me, what blocks me deeper cause it seemed like I can’t go on telling anyone anything or do basic functions of life without it. Anger was one of those things that I couldn’t understand about myself and sometimes in others. Its considered the most destructive of the emotions and we Mars dominant people keep explaining that its also what drives us. We try our best to channel it into our passions making it into our source of drive. Every workout song is built around it after all. Yet its exactly what leaves us alone in the fight. It took me down the philosophy rabbit hole and lead me to jewels of Seneca. I needed to know more as we would not only have Jupiter in Aries in 2023, soon we would have North Node in Aries too — it grows the Mars influence and drive / initiative as well as collective anger to get there. Jupiter is not a discretionary planet and at the risk of being stone pelted (oh who am I kidding my Uranus on Ascendent would kill me if I am anything but contrarian) — Jupiter is not “always” Benefic — it grows — more is not always better. Its a neutral planet in my view. Getting back to the point.

Seneca describes anger as the desire to punish another and in some ways our inability to be kind to another and to have mercy on the apparent wrong doer. I don’t think in full consciousness (or may be ego) I can agree to the whole of it but I do see the point of it.

I do believe if we would in some ways see that in the first seed of anger there are some seeds of desire to punish another or ourselves. Or in some ways if we can be more sympathetic to the shared fallibility of human race cause we all have been wrong so many times in our life ourselves — we could slowly train ourself to be lenient with others and ourselves. He says mind needs to be trained so it only feels the heavy blows. Mars retrograde in Gemini is so much about that and we discussed that in the last reading. Am I wasting my energy on the small irritants the small fights — are minor things / irritants taking our major time. I am ending 2022 on the lesson of forgiveness and I know its a cliche but its one cause its main thing that helps free ourselves from us and so far thats what the Mars retrograde journey has brought me apart from the obvious mechanical issues which are mostly the means to this end. As Joyce Meyer said in one of her sermons (I am not Christian so nothing religious about it all) — “They may not deserve forgiveness but you deserve peace”.

Hope you start 2023 in peace.

Happy New Year fam from me and my dear ones ❤️ Our wishes for a peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2023.