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𝗠𝗲𝗿𝗰𝘂𝗿𝘆 𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗣𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗼 : 𝗘𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗵 𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗯𝘆 𝗭𝗼𝗱𝗶𝗮𝗰 𝗦𝗶𝗴𝗻

T̼h̼e̼ ̼T̼r̼a̼n̼s̼i̼t̼ ̼

Once Mercury goes direct we aren’t suddenly enlightened and become wiser. It’s the days that follow where similar or parallel set of events we have just encountered that come up & we are given the playfield to execute them differently by thinking of them differently and discussing or talking of changing our communication strategy around it to see the retro cycle do it’s magic. Something very subtle & unidentifiable in our wiring within changes during retro cycle & it gets chance to change conscious events during the time Mercury revisits the degree of retrograde as its doing from now to 16 Oct. Patterns well entrenched in our subconscious are challenged & reprogramed re-encoded.

The need to be right comes to mind with this particular cycle. And how it becomes part of our existence — instead of being a luxury; it becomes existential. Used productively this obsession helps us dig deeper ace a subject — have conviction in one’s perspective & choices. Identified with too much it becomes impossible for us to separate our sense of self worth from outcome of whether we are proven right or wrong with another.

We have a productive aspect in place offering us a chance to use this acuteness of mind & speech productively. Mercury at 26º Virgo just turned direct trines a stationary Pluto at 26º Capricorn about to go direct for third and last time. Last two times were 22 August & 27 Sept with 22 Aug key to look back to on the current loud and firm voices coming out of us. Mercury Pluto contacts always bring powerful communication and more often than not power struggle fuelled communication. Used productively they bring us closer to solving practical issues through our ability to dig obsessively deeper or convince someone possibly by overpowering their mind with our arguments or logic. Its the definition of power of words and thoughts. Dig deeper, convince, enhance conviction in your choices or course correct & perfect them some more. Betting on yourself a bit more but backed by logic & real stuff (quantifiable touch it feel it see it stuff). Having been around this point thrice though we may know better not to waste this on trying to be proven “right”.

A health / work / pet / coworker / detox pursuit started around 22 August could start showing results for you to finalise form. A solution found.

OPEC plus had warned of the current power move they have made on oil to show who is the “boss” on oil back on 22 August. Saturn in Vedic is considered to be ruler of oil though I consider Pluto to be due to its price clearly being run by a cartel.

B̼y̼ ̼Z̼o̼d̼i̼a̼c̼

By Zodiac (tropical) — topics of deeper thought, commitment, communication & practical outcome

#Aries : Health, exercise regime, balance. Whats your service — practical work that you wish to complete deliver, whats your duty & how you attach patience and dedication to it — how you derive pride & worldly title from it. How you talk to self or others about what you are creating. Clear practical objective communication with coworkers or people who work for you.

#Taurus : Whats your passion & do you allow yourself to enjoy it. Are you taking enough chances in life or being over critical about few leaps you have taken. Outcome of the bets you have taken or game of chance like in stock market you have played. How far are you willing to go to bet on you. What brings you joy without forgoing your need for stability & grounding. Communication with loved ones and health of children. Love language.

#Gemini : Distribution of duties in your household, place of living, documents linked to your house like rental agreements or land papers or price of property or loan or lease. Negotiation of money linked to real estate. Home office set up. Communication with parents or family — power dynamics or criticism in play. Improvement in home & inner peace.

#Cancer : Physical paperwork of a contract, practical skills that pay — improvement or enhancement in them or seeing how to create more value from commercial or communication skills, your skills, education, courses, short trips, communication or travel projects, devices you use to communication or travel. Communication with sibling or people in your immediate surrounding. Getting a walking buddy or pet or a practical person to walk and talk with to get objective perspective. Easing out mind chatter.

#Leo : Money money money on mind — how to make the most out of the skills you have. Diet, food, what you feeding your body and mind for health — detoxing. Compensation, money, budgets — practical money yes but also how much worth you attach to your own skills. Enhancing it & filtering whats not so productive or not yielding much value.

#Virgo : Who am I ? Your self title — how you want to present yourself to the big wide world. It doesn’t matter to anyone else much but you have been on a journey of self review across your work, health, physical looks & what or who you are in practical world as a title, your communication style. Being more you and bringing back fun element of life if it went missing in the self discovery and rush to get somewhere.

#Libra : Healing. After a period possibly of dealing with either actual illness, health issues or inner demons, finally possibly finding healing, peace and in some cases ready to travel to far off peaceful places. Bringing a spiritual work, spiritual practice, health practice, yoga, self purification back in daily practice. Finding your grounding if you have felt lost. Restoring peace, sleep, health, ending a cycle of what wasn’t working.

#Scorpio : Returning back to civilisation, friends, network after a period possibly of figuring out “where am I going in life”. Fixing communication with sibling, friends, people who support you or finally discovering what truly supports you. Practical gems that have come up in this introspection period in terms of what are longer term vision of what you want, how you would like to execute it, what needs to be done to get there commercially or practically. Returning to social groups, big wealth projects, big vision projects but with a grounding, with a purpose with a firmer mind.

#Sagittarius : Whats my vocation, title, relationship with “authority” at home or work. Work goals, employment, leadership style shifts which have taken a while to come to and now finally you know whats of value or whats not of value to pursue and how to get there. Career title or personal title is being finalised.

#Capricorn : Travel, international engagement, international assignment, visa or legalisation in foreign country. Education, teaching or delivering talk or publication on practical subjects, religion, advertisement, publication, speaking engagement. In some cases we discover we are and always wanted to be a teacher or author or speaker or mentor. Launch of work of significance and practical implications in your name.

#Aquarius : Clear demarcation of give & take in partnerships, financial arrangements like loans, commissions, insurance, taxes, alimony, will. Discipline in getting rid of what is not helping your body and mind. Health transformation and improvement. Research and deeper analysis which has been worked behind the scene. Getting rid of an issue of deep sorrow or loss from past through psychoanalysis or spiritual investigation or self understanding. Correcting a past error and moving on from it in forgiveness and in power. Putting healthy boundaries which can involve actual financial deeds. Investment in stock market based on a hunch or tip or gaining equity.

#Pisces : Commitment, contract, communication with partner, marriage decisions, partner’s health or job. Balance in partnership and clear communication. Getting a pet. Bringing in a contract thats more practical useful and beneficial for you. Changing terms of partnerships to suit your needs better or based on clear communication. Clear boundaries for your health. Finding friends or people who support you in need. Dealing with criticism and known enemies through support of your tribe and conviction in your ultimate goal or vision.

Hope you find your groove — third time is a charm 😉

Much Love 💕

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