Decisions Made in Mercury Retrograde & U.K.

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3 min readSep 30, 2022


Decisions made in Mercury retrograde…nothing wrong with deciding as life cannot stop during retrogrades but we need to stay ready to made changes, roll back, edit, amend & make space for additional information that comes through in second half of retro period. There are always lessons which come up with retrogrades & some like this are expensive. And changes should be done after Mercury retrograde not before. Otherwise those corrections usually make things worst not better like this measure adding to retrograde noise. We are in period of Mercury retrograde when most mistakes are made as we think we must act on new info received yet it’s not time for it.

Case in Question : UK and its financial policies

One might argue U.K. economic position & issues aren’t limited to retrograde. We spoke of this in Oct 2021 with the Libra new moon & Financial update where I mentioned the Saturn return of “Black Wednesday” of U.K. which came with Sterling crisis in 1992. As Saturn again visits the Natal Venus of U.K. this year as it did in 1992. We also spoke of Royal family changes — to add to that Kings that last are not made in retrogrades in my view (apologies for anyone in U.K. offended by that, I am not trying to be insensitive just astrological observation).

The change from 1992 this year is Uranus is in room as well causing unprecedented changes & accelerated ones. Uranus in Taurus squares the Venus of U.K. at 16°32’ Aquarius forming part of Saturn square Uranus transit. Uranus is transiting 8th house of U.K. When it was conjunct natal Mars of U.K. last year in this 8th house, I was looking at it from perspective from loss due to disease & physical conflict as well as economic separation or conflict but as now it aspects Venus — 8th house connotation of debt and finances are becoming more prominent. This is very much a Libra rising transit — Uranus in 8th — being put in crisis causing one to not just eliminate any health or other kind of hidden issue like unsustainable debt but also learn to act from a position of power vs powerlessness by being put in a position where you have no other choice.

As much as it looks like a crisis and it is — a country in such a position ends up paving a way. They take actions which are unique, unprecedented yet followed cascading & they are forced to take the tougher road. Sometimes these actions cascade a crisis to their counterparts as 8th house crisis deals with crisis in economic partnerships. It would change the financial industry, debt & currency in ways that didn’t exist before. I last year only looked at Saturn transit to Venus of U.K. which started in Jan/Feb 2022 but this square from Uranus is theme moving forward which extends beyond U.K. to its key partners — accelerating changes taking things in unknown unprecedented direction financially economically. Uranus transit to Venus of U.K. continues to April 2023. This Uranus transit in 8th makes this moment very different from 1992 Black Wednesday moment & takes it all to influence outside U.K. Black Wednesday was a major factor in Labor election in 1997 though this has influence way beyond U.K. politics.

In Nov 2022 with the Taurus eclipse financial volatility will peak as the lunar eclipse is coming with Uranus conjunct full moon in the zodiac of finances — Taurus in 8th house of debt of U.K. opposing its Natal Neptune & square Venus of U.K. This eclipse was activated end August initiating a series of events leading to it.

(This is not financial political or any other advice — I am not U.K. or US voter so zero political affiliation).

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