Happy Saturnian Thanksgiving & Sagittarius Season

Astrology with Charu!
3 min readNov 24, 2023

We have started this thanksgiving with mutable fire season of Sagittarius as both Mars & Sun move into the sign of seeing the bigger picture & changing course in a big way. Changing the very focus of your wild fire…

As we find things to be thankful for which we do not normally appreciate, let’s table Saturn. No one likes the deep work, effort, constraint & discipline it requires cause we see it as delay, punishment, sad or kill joy entering the room.

Who likes a tamed fire ?

Well as not so fun a tamed Sagittarius fire is, we will find ourself being asked some essential questions — Are you ready ? Is it the right time ? Are you good enough to do this ? You know the questions a fire sign never normally asks themselves before jumping with their feet neck back face all of it into next mission!

One part of us wants to just go follow our intuition & Saturn part has questions, real life questions. This is internal problem — others truly do not care what we decide — we are mostly projecting our insecurity if we feel others are blocking us in our pursuit. No one truly cares as much as you on what you decide.

Yet it seems breaks are on as we are forced to slow down when we want to run. Slowed down to plan, to chart our forward move, to rethink our strategy. It’s the kind of discipline fire season usually not come with. It’s been all wild fire with Neptune adding oil to fire past decade as it’s been squaring Sagittarius adding emotions & confusion instead of clarity or reality. Some reality is good. All Neptune and no Saturn makes Pisces part of our chart with less concrete output & we don’t even realise that in our Neptunian daze of enjoying idea of our dream versus manifestation of it.

So who wins this Turkey dinner Saturn or Sagittarius planets ?

It’s both — our internal breaks are on as we do need to handle some practical aspects of what we want. But it’s also that your inner fears need some solid action to calm them down.

We always think of how Saturn impacts other planets — never thinking how other planets change Saturn. Always thinking how rules, authorities, parents, laws constraint us — yet not realising how our fearless actions change or threaten the laws, the parents, the authorities.

Done in the unloved organised well chartered way Sun in Sagittarius can change Saturn in Pisces. We can change the traditional, the rules, the old way, our fears with solid actions inspired by a better tomorrow vs dwelling in our moment of fear of stasis. While Saturn breaks can make sure we do the work … that’s what this planet we never thank wants ever from us. Do the work…I don’t have to love it but I can be grateful to it this thanksgiving to come in a house which Neptune has been flooding with dreams & inspiration yet without structure which now Saturn provides.

Hope you slay some Saturnian concerns with your wild fire this thanksgiving doing it afraid as they say. While letting a bit of Saturnian water chip away the fluff & get down to the brass tacks of where you want to go. Lot of thinking to do & no one to blame as it’s our own inner conflict that we need to own without rushing into things.

Much love ❤️