Leo Full Moon & Next Two Weeks

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6 min readFeb 6


Life isn’t straight line. For those who pretend it is for them are doing just that — pretending. Uranus exists to make every single straight line of our life vibrate the hell out of its existing focus. Most think its to disrupt the life or status quo — which yes is the one of the physical results of it but not the intent. Intent is to stop pretending. If anyone has experienced Uranus transits to personal planets esp Sun or Moon first hand and there are not many who do in their lifetime — beyond the hurricane like whirlpool and uprooting Uranus transit brings, most will in the hindsight tell you the latent potentials of their life were discovered during the Uranus transits. Awakening to a new vibration within which was suppressed possibly by adherence to social norms, sums up Uranus transit for me. Its powerful, irresistible, exiting and destructive all at the same time like the “unstable” affairs we engage in during its transits. There is a reason its called a 7 year itch. But the seemingly unstable, unreliable, out of norm affairs, people, projects Uranus transit brings in our life are exactly the ones responsible to unveil a part of us we would never discover without that wild roll in the hay or those disrupting uprooting often lonely years. Latent potentials that Uranus wakes up aren’t possible to be woken up by ourselves — they need external impetus and usually the people we attract in such cases are undergoing their own awakening of sorts. It all starts with nervousness with old conditions, dissatisfaction with conventional ways — if to moon dissatisfaction with ones own conventional emotions and if to Sun dissatisfaction with conventional ways of doing work, business or dealing with male authorities or authority in general. Our will seems to clash with the will of the world. One feels very lonely in this transit. Cause the moment you would go against your own norm subconsciously or consciously you loose people you attracted with your old norm. You always question if its a “phase” as many would describe it to you as you being in one or is it who you truly are without the veil of pretence. Whole point of Uranus transit is independence from external opinion so yeah if you are buying whatever someone else is telling you — may be you are drinking someone’s Neptunian Kool-aid in a moment of vulnerability when you have been uprooted from your status quo but not yet found your new identity which is very common in Uranus transit. That in between state. That’s where I like when we get a fixed full moon like we have now.

You may hate or love fixed signs for their … well fixity but one thing they are is unambiguous. Leo doesn’t come across as a fixed sign to some people cause there is just so much going on over there that its tough to appreciate the fixity of a fire sign — its easier to imagine the fixity of Taurus or Scorpios or even in rare moments of Aquarius but Leo’s flamboyance, the over the top hearty passions almost hide the fixity. Fire fixity is different too. They could warm you to death or burn you to death depending on which side of hell you were born in their life. You are either too excited or too angry to notice how constant it is. Its constant passion, constant fire, constant intent to keep things HOT, constant roasting of seemingly incompetent part of the world, undeniable right be to just oneself, incorrigibly charming self expression shining through like constant fire, energy and strength of the Sun. We feel all of it in this full moon.

There are zero shades of grey in life set ablaze or at fire by my ever so favorite fellow fire sign Leo. I have very rarely seen a Leo change their opinion about a person — they gotto have a whole lot of Gemini whimsical air or Piscean magic potion thrown into their chart to come close to changing their opinion. Its normally I love this and I hate that or sometimes its a I love him and hate you and its well… clear. Ah man see even now my post has become all about Leos, they do that don’t they — it’s becomes all about the singular the king the queen — my hearty Leos. Its impossible to live without Sun — the source of all life and power — its same the case with Leos. You are missing a whole part of life if you aren’t being roasted or warmed by one. They can hate you or love you back to life. So when this zodiac that signifies our source of life, our singular love for self, our ego, our pride, our God gifted or higher power gifted blessing — comes for its full moon we feel its strength and warmth singularly as a fertile energy of growth in our life. With moon that life is given especially to our personal life. Its a moment of clarity in an unstable Uranus transit of being free from status quo but not knowing what we are making ourselves free for. Cause a full moon in Leo makes your heart’s desires clear. I hate this I love that. We all are gifted with their royal superpower of fiery discernment to know what is our gift what is not, what is our love what is not, what or who is our passion what or who is not. hence what or who to give your emotional strength or not. A fixed T square has extreme tension and even conflicts. (With Uranus at apex results are unexpected core shaking — its linked with earthquakes for a reason and I had written a whole section on that but the current events just make any words seem disrespectful to what people are going through so I will leave that for another moment).

Uranus square to Moon doesn’t make us feel settled or safe in our choice made especially as it would seen an “unstable choice” or “socially unsuitable choice”. Uranus square to Sun doesn’t make us physically safe in the choice we are making as well as there are clear ego conflicts, disagreements as you are breaking some sort of a barrier.

Despite all of it, a choice is made and its owned fully unequivocally.

Long lasting long term fixed decisions are made. Its a full moon so there are completions, endings, moving on. Uranus in Taurus aims to not just get our economy, stock market, earth resources out of inertia but somewhere our self worth — our ability to value ourselves our skills no matter how weird or in other ways unique they are also out of hibernation. One generations’ weird is proven to be ahead of time discoveries to the next gen. But sometimes we get in our own way, in the way of our own full expression of self. Leo is all about that — loving oneself enough to be able to nurture our unique personality and talents and letting them shine through. Give space to that consciously over next two weeks. It’s the healthy ego and sense of self thats being infused through this warm moon in this cold weather. And from that place of knowing oneself and honoring oneself we can then love how one should be loved. With absolute indefinite infinite constant unpretentious passion. Whether its a passion, a soul’s creative gift, a person, a child, a product of your and my self love. That’s how it or he or she should be loved. Anything less wouldn’t survive this one.