Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May to October 2023 Astrology Horoscope

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6 min readMay 6, 2023


Don’t Overcomplicate It

We have been in this intense create destroy recreate self destruct till no choice but to power through a rebirth process of Scorpio since end August 2022 especially focused around 15–16º Scorpio, wherever it sits in your chart. It’s been on my Ascendent so it talks to me personally though Scorpio eclipse always speaks personally. It’s meant to evolve us from within taking us through the haunted houses we wouldn’t normally visit yet we have no option but to go through. To an outsider it’s a rebirth but golly it’s scary for anyone who is in that birth canal.

Western astrology tries to banish South Node to Loss Node where we take on suicidal spirituality banishing all worldly joys and Eastern tries to brand it as banished tail of a drunken headless monster while may be relevance of south node lies somewhere in the middle. Yes it’s where we have been, what we have mastered in past life but may be it’s also the foundation on which the future is built. North Node is what entices us to progress of this lifetime but may be thats not possible without carrying the gold of the past. We cannot ever ignore our south node if we are to ever achieve our north node or come in the vicinity of it in this life time. But if we start living in our south node which trust me is easy to get lost in — we can also loose our oomph and the whole zest of what new we were supposed to achieve and experience in this life time. So live this, know this but do not get lost in the feels. Don’t overcomplicate it. Drain it, handle it, accept the darker parts of us, use the powerful parts of us which have been branded as dark, embrace the depth in you but remember its the foundation — its not the goal. Don’t get lost in the Scorpio of it all even though it’s BIG DARK DEEP EMO eclipse ! Don’t ignore it cause it would affect you if it’s not handled and healed but do not get lost in it. Scorpio themes of deep dark past emotions have a tendency to take over our life. Draw power from it dont drown in it. I am telling myself now — do not wallow in it, pain is addictive.

I talk of the South Node — for this lunar eclipse of Scorpio is with South Node and we have been living the transit of South Node in Scorpio since Jan 2022 with early degree of Scorpio 2–5º and mid degrees 14–15º being key (as well as +-3º of it) as set of eclipses have been around these degrees so the process of South Node in Scorpio of release, ending, detoxing, going deep accelerated since end August 2022 in my view. This is also true for planets or points in your birth chart in Leo/Aquarius/Taurus around 2–5º and 14–15º — influence of those planets and matters linked to those houses are being greatly evolved through this process and you can may be take a bit of relief that its almost over as today happens to be the last eclipse of the decade in Scorpio. Lunar eclipses still take 3–6 months to fully unveil but since this eclipse was already activated in early Sept 2022 — we are in for a rapid unveil of influence of it. A bit like Prince Charles becoming King Charles III in early Sept during mercury retrograde and now being coronated during this eclipse again during Mercury retrograde. He is ofcourse Scorpio Sun. Mercury retrograde ending 14 May would be eye opening in my view as this whole chain of events since August 2022 become obvious in the way it turned out — in hindsight ofcourse. Mercury went retrograde at you guessed it — 15º Taurus and would go direct — you guessed it again 5º Taurus. You cannot make this up but someone is and our world seems to revolve around it. How we live the script is surely on us.

Don’t overcomplicate it Charu. Its economy stupid — my brain cannot process much beyond it when I see Taurus Scorpio staring at me. They are ofcourse big financial signs and Big Finance. You cannot run from that topic when so much focus is on these signs since last year. Money needs to be handled. Scorpio eclipses usually bring up questions of debt, large financial changes, sharing of power, ego power weapon conflicts between large powers, toxicity of chemicals, renewal healing projects. Politics and games of underhanded nature come for full display.

But they are so much more for each of us personally. It goes so much beyond the money though thats one key question in this whole process. Scorpio part of us represents the power within us which sits dormant — it’s also branded sometimes as evil within us that sits dormant. Power and latent forces can be used or abused. But at the end of it — we are talking of unplugging an unseen part of us. Uranus is key influence of this eclipse — come Monday it meets the Sun in its annual meeting. A key shift begins and it’s always a surprisingly important part of our forward evolution. Mercury is still retrograde till 14 May and wouldn’t meet Uranus till 4 Jun so whatever unfolds or whatever new surprising direction we take — takes this while to be known. Paper work takes time, investigation into some financial change takes a while, fully resolving financial shifts takes times, formal culmination takes a while to June. Sun Uranus meet at 19º of Taurus — the degree of “The New Continent Arising Out of the Ocean” — new potential arising out of the crisis. It’s the Taurus to our Scorpio. The shiny reward for doing the right thing by handle the tough stuff. It comes but cannot without handling the issues. New Economy cannot be built on top of failing ailing wrong model of capital bleeding old economy. I have said that before. It doesn’t mean old economy doesn’t have a place but there are parts of it which have become poisonous and in Scorpio eclipse we drain the poison. We get rid of the toxins, old financial links and complications, old patterns. Rudhyar also emphasized about this degree that the “technique” is to simply allow the infinite potential to operate in unconstrained spontaneity and for that to happen our conscious “rational” ego cannot be the controlling factor. So is there a power structure outside that is drained, broken, demolished thats archaic has not place in this emerging new continent or is there an ego factor within us of who we are meant to be, should be within us that needs shift or is there a pattern of addiction to pain, negativity and control within us which isn’t letting us become who we could be. Eclipses like this show us what ails us and what must depart for this new potential I talk of to emerge.

Uranus already went retrograde at this 19º of Taurus again end August 2022 and isn’t coming back to this degree for next 8 decades. Again emphasizing this evolution started end August 2022. Evolution of Uranus is always surprising and even if we look at history of 1939 marking the start of World War II when Uranus was last at this degree, we cannot say that past will repeat itself. What we surely can say is that fixity of egos will be challenged with this. As Uranus went back and forth on this degree in 1939 and 1940. Last transit of Uranus at degree was April 1940 when Chamberlain prematurely proclaimed that Hitler “had missed the bus” — 6 days later Hitler launched attack on Norway. Underestimation of the enemy, complacency on economic issues which are worst than whats being shown, ignoring side effects of medicines / chemicals, ignoring whats hurting us, underestimating our role in making of our own circumstances as well as underestimating our ability to come out of them — its all challenged in Scorpio eclipses. We can never solve an issue without acknowledging it exists — wars have been fought on complacency of this sort.

Truth, power, strength, detox, heal, fix debt/money/health/sexual/power issues, don’t run from it — don’t overcomplicate it.