Mercury Goes Direct ! Now What?

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6 min readOct 3, 2022


𝗠𝗲𝗿𝗰𝘂𝗿𝘆 𝗗𝗶𝗿𝗲𝗰𝘁 !

Mercury is now direct turning back the dial to the time we have spent on matters linked to partnerships, relationships, commitments, especially our speech and mindset linked to love, money, partners, relatives all the way since 20 August. While majority of focus of this retrospection was on relationship — words, mindset, fairness of it all — we also had a brief encounter with topics of value of what we are creating in terms of practical service or work as well how much we compromise health in name of work & vanity, which might have come up specifically since 23 Sept — work & health will continue to resolve till 10 Oct. Disenchanted or enlightened u-turns usually follow Mercury direct as we revisit the degrees of retrograde with our eyes fully open till 16 Oct. As we can see in the Libra ascendant United Kingdom with 7º Libra Ascendant firmly planted in close orb of where mercury retrograde began i.e. 8º Libra. It wont though be till 16 Oct that we would be out of shadow of resolution of these “old” business. Even though a significant cloud lifts as Mercury moves direct.

I always feel a bit shaper, slightly more wiser after Mercury retrograde is over. It’s not just the relativity of cloud being lifted but more of knowing oneself one step closer that happens in these few days of everything going against our “plan”. It’s so much less about everything else that overtly happens around us & much more of -


How much we like having people in our life despite our encoded negativity or refinement of thought & mind that finds fault in each and every one of those relationships. How much we through it all ultimately do not want to be alone. How much ease in close relationships matter to us. How much those relationships balance out when we discover balance within. How important it is to not just be fair to oneself but also another — giving them a fair chance to be humanly imperfect. How much being forgiving to oneself shows up in forgiveness to others in our life making us less full of blame. How much sometimes “dressing up” places & bodies helps somehow in feeling dressed up within. It’s not all vanity is it — sometimes pretend play of beauty outside helps us clear the muck within rather than the proverbial other way that all spiritual texts teach us. How a clear working space helps us think clearly, how a beautiful dress or ornament or a good hair day makes us feel — well life isn’t so bad is it.

How much we would make life easier on ourself if we just stop looking at the worst of it all. Virgo part of retrograde has pushed us to look closer at our vanity projects or soul projects as we thought — true value of them in material terms as well as true impact of them. Yet Neptune influence forces us to not get so jaded losing faith because what magic does life ultimately hold without hope and dreams with a touch of soul. Rose glasses and all — well they can sometimes hold more potential than the Virgosque detailed vision of what all can go wrong. What all can go wrong holds us in a moment of fear and not faith — and there is more & more of that being spewed around making it the norm & not the exception. Life becomes unbearable without hope. So is seeing the worst of current moment really serving us collectively. Hand on panic button takes our attention to existential preservation vs true progress. Yet we all know the fact that the only thing that’s certain in life is change so why are we trying to marinate in preserved past anyways.

So as Mercury stands still about to start moving forward finally — can we take our grip off the panic button. Can we see the folly of thinking creating its own set of crisis. Same thinking that could have easily moved us forward instead of kept us busy with the preservation of status quo. Same thinking that used differently could have helped the relationships grow through crisis & not implode. Do we know power of minds a bit more & are we left wiser to use them better. Neptune fogs our critical thinking on this process to add compassion to remind — we are all learning evolving & none of us have perfect words, thoughts & minds. It’s urging forgiveness for oneself & others on where extremes were met in words in past few weeks mainly to see the exaggerated truth of how our thinking is festering in each relationship & contact we make. How our expectations good or bad are duly being lived by others in our life.

W̼h̼a̼t̼ ̼n̼o̼w̼?̼

Mercury turning direct with Neptune opposition is not your typical brain fog moment or allergy attack moment though it may seem on surface — it’s moment of realisation of it all by getting you to let your guard down, slowing down, laying down, pausing a minute to accept that it’s very little about the “others” in terms of what we are seeing pan out in our life with those very “others”. At the degree of “innocence” Mercury direct returns us our individual brains intact with a request to keep it simple — keeping “the drama of struggle & victory” at bay as we move forward into whatever the times ahead hold for us. And from those eyes of spiritual “innocence” sans ego move forward differently in our each commitment, each relationship, each contract, each promise forward making our speech a bit more softer, mind a bit more flexible, open, forgiving and thinking a bit more deliberately optimistic. We have learned a few lessons straddling Venus ruled degrees of Virgo not in vanity but in beauty that comes from balance & health, not in compromise but in profits that come from work collaborations, not in being fake but in benefits that comes from ease of focusing on beauty in others & our work vs the gaps. Sometimes before it all looks pretty with the new Virgosque health routine, a touch of concealer goes a long way to make us believe that it could & its worth it — there is real value in fake it till you make it. I would go obnoxiously overboard in calling it lesson of all spiritual books ever written cause its well a crude way of defining faith.

Fog will shortly lift, dreamy weather of Neptune subside, weakness of mind or body ebb, spiritual message end & reality will come down real fast with real work, real people, real need to get stuff done & dusted. Challenge we are presented with is to preserve this spiritual innocence & balance in the face of it all. There is no magic pill but Mercury retrograde sheds a light on these inner workings of our mind which is creating it all & once we see it — we can handle it bit differently without the undue pressure to deliver perfection at it all cause every retrograde is a mind practice not examination.

Last we walked these degrees in retrograde only back in Mid Sept-Oct 2015 and Sept 2016. Thats how long these lessons last and help us around so we can take a few minutes to think for what it individually drove home for us & if feeling adventurous may be connect the dots back with period in Sept/ Oct 2015 for work & health or Sept 2016 for partnerships & commitments ❤️

Much Love 💕

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