Mercury Retrograde & New Moon in Virgo September 2023 Astrology Horoscope

Astrology with Charu!
2 min readAug 20, 2023

Mercury goes retrograde on 23 August at the same degree we would have a new start after this period of reconsideration with a new moon in Virgo on 14/15 Sept as Mercury the ruler of the new moon goes direct.

We have two astrological aspects lining up at 21/22° Virgo — the mercury retrograde that begins in the week ahead overlapping the Venus retrograde. Yup double the case of re-s financially, in work & health. Past coming back big time & a past self revisited. Same time 14/15 Sept new moon with a Uranus trine saying welcome the change that refining your approach offers you. It will be a more solid plan, it will be more long lasting & hell yes after much self reproach it would be more realistic.

We go back to eclipse of Sept/Oct 2015 which started a chain of events culminating to fated new start of March April 2016. Some food for thought this weekend to look back to as we revisit events, people, projects, health shifts & work shifts from that time.

Have a good one 💫