New Year Eve & Mercury Direct

Astrology with Charu!
2 min readDec 31, 2023

One more day to Mercury Direct & to a brand new year. I love a year that starts on planets going direct — it has impetus to move forward. I know a lot of our generation has Neptune in Sagittarius & recent Mercury retrograde came with light being thrown on our illusions or broken dreams or unrequited imaginary love stories we have told lived.

As Neptune continues to chip away my rough edges & ego I enter this year with humility of not knowing how it will all work out yet with faith it will somehow…

Mercury goes direct at degree of “Transition”

“A Group of Immigrants as they fulfil the requirements of entrance into the new country”

Every Mercury retrograde comes at threshold of a new start that requires a rethink. Things we have rushed into cause momentum was required to go there yet we haven’t adjusted ourselves to be successful on this alien turf. How would we meet the unfamiliar? How would we maintain our allegiance to our true self as we adapt to a new turf?

How we cross threshold?

Sometimes how we transition changes our feelings about our new destination. If it’s part of our bigger vision for life we put more Sagittarius fire into it too.

In Capricorn season we initiate — it’s cardinal but we initiate real physical things with fire power hopefully of it fitting into our larger vision for life .

Accepting new rules of new turf. Adjusting to new way of life — in action, thought & feeling is part of this move.

It seems boring but this would readjust the quality of opportunities we receive in this new turf.

You enter this threshold as a talent that works in every environment or you are a refugee needing asylum running from something

How you cross the threshold changes everything…

As an immigrant I know if I have a choice how I would like to enter a new turf & I know it changes the quality of opportunities. Mercury retrograde is about mindset change — how we think & verbalise our entrance to this new threshold.

Much love for new year ❤️