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The dance of planets over next few days came as a discourse to me so I am putting it in that format. Venus is our heart, our desire, part of ourselves thats most human. Please have patience with this piece as its long, it has taken me a while to research all astrological elements embedded through the discourse. Thank you.

Key Dates :

22 April 9pm ET Venus Conjunct Uranus 10º14’ Taurus

24 April 2:42am ET Mercury Conjunct Uranus 10º18’ Taurus

25 April Venus & Mercury Square Saturn 12º52’ Aquarius

26 April 11:31pm ET Full Moon in Scorpio at 7º06’

30 April Sun Conjunct Uranus 10º41’ Taurus

Venus meets Uranus in an erratic inconvenient out of the blue meeting and in that meeting as Venus our heart and choices are just about coming out of cultural and social events, is trying to have a budding ego, have its own individuality and finding its place of pride even, with the dignity Taurus has given it. Meanwhile Uranus has this narrow alley seedy meeting with it offering it to go home with it and forget about its dignity and its pride for a bit. Live a little now with me it says. Why not consummate now with me in my fall and have a bit of wild ride it tempts. Venus has invited Saturn in Aquarius home though in 2–3 days who she is hoping would bring in the revolution in her life that she is hoping for without the seediness as its a dignified gentleman of the two. Yet the throw down is inviting to the budding ego of Venus. Plus Uranus is down and dirty without having to be exactness of Saturn thats taking all the fun away from her life. How many karma I need to wash to get to you, she complains in her dreams to him. How many hoops you have planned for me she berates, she berates the Saturn that has now moved from the degrees of collective karma to degrees of individual karma where its making Venus go through the natural progression of states of conciousness slowly giving her what he knows she is prepared to receive in a dignified manner at this stage. But Uranus is currently the dispositor of Venus — its the dominant effect on Venus and we do the reckless thing of being tempted by the throw down.

We go bizarre attractions, get a weird haircut, bet the farm, feel turned on by the inconsistent of the heart, of the money, of the style, of the art. Get into people who would never be available, stage a walk out on what was good for us, elope with a pariah, socialise with misfits and mix our style with bizarre. Overall make impulsive choices in love, creativity, money and women over long term choices or atleast we are tempted to.

We know Saturn will walk into us doing the deed, we forget Saturn is in the sign of ruler of Uranus… he is the ultimate boss and the dispositor of this Saturn Uranus tango we are living this year. Was that throw down important, may be, can we avoid it — well we can tell Saturn we like a throw down once in a while. May be Saturn doesnt have to take Venus so seriously all its while.

The Discourse

Saturn responded to Venus

“It isn’t me I am just a reflection of the structures you need to make all those desires you have to come true. You wanted long term, thats what it takes for long term. You wanted different, it takes time to create different thats successful. You wanted elite, eclectic, intelligent and successful, it takes time to age things to that order. Disorderly is easy — you are seeing easy. You don’t seem to want it fully, you know its seedy, you know its not whats going to make you happy, you know its a “fling”, you know its a bubble though you like the disruption its causing, cause you feel its shenanigans are making a statement to me about what you want and to be honest they are. It takes me two years to incorporate the Uranus disruption whenever it happens in our waning dance. Last we danced in 1975–77 like that. Don’t worry we have done one year of it already. But it will take me this year to incorporate all elements you have asked for. My laws are written in stone, we make the vows that last. But my promise is that every air season I will show you some love. But every fixed season you know we would fight, fixed elements of your life will clatter with each other.”

Venus responded “yes I know you will make my desires come true in long term but why do you suffocate my flight through restrictions and loneliness”.

Saturn in Aquarius responded “cause I manifest the best when I am alone with you. When you don’t have other people, parties, throw downs distracting you then in that moment you tell me your truth. That’s when you go to what you truly want. That’s when you think of subjects like long term visions, your end game, thoughts of equality, environment, good of all. Else temptations and distractions run you over and you are happy with Uranus shenanigans. Jupiter came to visit my path in February and blew the whole path lit, everyone danced, rejoiced forgot all about the things we talked of last year. I had to come walk that road after him, cleaning up the mess he made. Yes he broadened the path, lit up minds of people but someone had to create to road to walk on. I have to be the matured one cause I am the one in my element, here to deliver the good this year.”

Venus wondered can it though be easier, smoother. Air season is next Gemini season is that what Saturn was hinting.

She knew Scorpio full moon of 27th April was bringing a fixed t square with Saturn and Uranus. Scorpio full moon in itself brings a lot of dysfunction and our own undoing to surface. Now with this Saturn Uranus T square with Saturn as apex she knew a tough decision would need to be taken with long term implication and she would have to evaluate whats the cost of taking that tough decision. That full moon at the degree of “Deep-Sea Divers” would take us to the journey of root causes, quest to understand our unconscious desires and undoing as well. As the good and bad comes to surface I would need to evaluate if I am ready to pay the price to wait for whats real instead of the romp in the hay. Everyone will play chess on the social scene and be a politician trying to deny their responsibility when the right thing would be to take their responsibility, their part in the unfolding.

Little did she know, Saturn had a friend but none of the astrologers were talking of him, as talking of friends of Saturn isn’t a popular topic, for its not a good click bait. It was Rahu, yes Rahu the headless monster that feeds our desires. He was making a trine a supporting bond with Saturn since 9th April and had promised to stay with him all this way to September till he decided how to clean up the mess that was made. Rahu like Saturn is in sign of its exaltation and the two together are dancing in an air trine that makes the intellectual, the communicator, the idealist, the planner, the life long student and the dreamer come to life.

“How does he help me” Venus wondered like you.

Rahu tells Venus “Don’t worry we have our own meeting on 17th May when I will tell you what you needed to wait for. I am no charmer but I am atleast what you want.”

“What will you do till then” Venus asked Rahu.

“I am working with Saturn and I will help you through the upcoming closure with the 27 April Scorpio full moon” responded Rahu

“How ??? Aren’t you the plague Rahu” asked Venus in dismay

Rahu pulled his head down… saying “No I am confused with my tail Ketu which is normally linked with plague, I am the foreign element that’s a drug, I am the poison and I am the drug.”

“And you are working with the Saturn the authorities you say”, asked Venus in shock

“Yes I am but I am also deception so ofcourse I am helping Saturn the authorities too” responded Rahu with that evil smile “You will see the strategy on full moon in Scorpio of the games we play but I am also the drug & I am not the plague. Plague was my tail Ketu which hooked up with Saturn when it was in Capricorn in September 2019 you remember and then they lived together. Later when Pluto matched Saturn in Jan 2020 Plague mutated out and Pluto continues to give it dead rebirth in different versions so whenever Pluto is strong like now when its standing still, Pluto spawns more versions. Once it settles down by May the mutations would pause and once Jupiter comes into Pisces partially in May and fully in December much healing will be here. Though you see, in 2019 Ketu made Saturn believe that situation will work out easier than it thought, it didn’t think that Pluto would meet Saturn in 2020 and change the whole landscape making it political and strategic. We are similar in that Ketu and me. As Rahu the drug, I also play the deception right now working with Saturn the authority — I am the cure but I make a situation appear more promising than it is and I will cost you more than you are ready to pay. But I am the poison and I am the drug the solution, I am not the plague.

Saturn the authorities have access to Ketu the epidemic the plague also but its not easy, they only have access when they play the Sagittarius games, the games of belief system fights, the divides, the religions, the discriminations, the flights, the airlines. Every time they rile you up they are able to access Ketu my tail the pandemic. The more you disconnect from the biases the more disconnected you get from the pandemic. Also who has not heard of travel crashes when Ketu is in Sagittarius, it happens every 19 years, airlines collapse, the air crashes, the aircraft industry bankruptcy whenever Ketu goes into Sagittarius. ..”

“Hold on hold on” Venus lost her cool “What are you saying, we have a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius north node on 26th May with Ketu. Are you saying aircrafts will crash or airlines will go bankrupt. Or are you saying Saturn can again access epidemic by playing with belief system fights ?”

Rahu held his head down “Last time this eclipse happened on 26th May 2002 visible in Asia and on 25th May 2002 unfortunately China Airlines Flight 611 crashed. It’s never a good idea to fly when Ketu in Sagittarius eclipse is happening especially not in the area of visibility and this year the visibility covers a lot of area including whole of North America compared to 2002. But we are racing to May. I was talking of right now and how I am helping you. Lets focus on current moment thats the road to success with Rahu in Gemini”

Venus blinked “So what else is road to success”

Rahu spoke “To ignore opinions, other people’s feelings even, their belief’s and intuition entirely and focus on data, science and mathematics. I am the one driving you to collect data on everything and anything. I am the one who is teaching you to become the unending source of information, knowledge and wisdom in your field but also do so without personal prejudice. Become clear and make others clear about their own thoughts through intellectual and two sided conversations without using the bias of “I believe” — think and believe are two separate things. Indulge your immediate environment instead of longing for far away places. Don’t do the things where you seem to be only the teacher and not the student. Get that youthful curiously back, scan the neighbourhood by foot when you could, scan local newspapers. Don’t wait to be given a podium to speak, get involved in the discourse but remember always with less bias in your tone. The tail of mine Ketu would help release a lot of ideologies and ideological wars as well as those ideologically driven gurus who try to use extreme emotions for getting “cult” going. But don’t you want to know how I am supporting Saturn on the full moon of this month end that everyone seems to be dreading about and continue to do so till September”

Venus waking up to current moment responded “Yes we can all do with some help. Tell me how your friendship with Saturn is helpful to me and all of us”

Rahu explained “Well I march into the wild and unpredictable, into the unexplored realms, expanding the self consciousness, the path one must take to grow. I create unexpected situations unique to every person and in that unexpected situation, each one of us need to pay through Saturn in their own unique ways but payment is asked and we have been asking for each one of you the payment since April.

I am the Maya, the entanglement that makes you incarnate again and again. I am the compulsion, the discontent in you that keeps you hungry, keeps you going. You will pay the payment cause you want me. But without Saturn I would take you in all sorts of useless pursuits and may be just drink your payment away. With Saturn that payment becomes investment like in your knowledge growth, in connections, in explorations, in media, in business, in self made wealth, in platform, in technology.”

Venus always gets her ears tuned into cost “What is this payment you both want”

Rahu smiled “Venus you got to learn to think broader than you and bigger than before. Every time Saturn scares you, you keep going back to wanting small for you and for all. You feel world is a hostile place. You feel lonely but you avoid all social contacts. Every time I ask you to open up and expand your carefully put boundaries your curl in further. You want to be famous, popular and abundant but you seem to be afraid of people. Friends feel like burden, responsibility and restriction to you. You want to be on a platform with your work projected to the world, yet you don’t want any kind of criticism and feel being judged all the time. The very arena you fear, the group you run from and organisations you find daunting, thats precisely you will learn more about yourself. The cost the payment its asking of you is the payment to learn with other people in symbiosis with them. Learn that you are important part of society’s evolution so every time you hold back from the collective you aren’t paying the price of existence. Fear of being rejected is the price you would have to pay. Giving up rigid ideals of what and who you should be is the price you would have to pay. Not committing to a goal or an outcome doesn’t make you free. Price of patience and persistence are obvious with Saturn as you know”

Venus asks “What about visualisation, I started those with the Aries new moon as it was at the degree of law of attraction. I visualise it. What more is needed”

Rahu broods “We both though can only think of tangible things — we need the thing to be in front of us if we are to think of them and manifest them. I cannot manifest a wish, I need to manifest and help you move forward on what is in front of me. So if you want me to manifest you need to touch it, feel it tactually. I need to have concrete models to work with when I make your future path evident. But if you put three blocks in front of me with a puzzle to solve, I would show you the way. If you write on a paper what you want to manifest, I would help you write the rest of the story of how to. If you write first three sentences of the plot, I would help you finish your novel. If you put a model of a building you want to create in front of my eyes to see every day, I will help you build it. That’s why sometimes the throw down is ok, sometimes romp with the wrong person is ok cause you physically experience what you want. And with that one physical experience I can take you to what you want. It has to feel real to me for me to move forward. Visualisation is good but make a model of what you want — tactile…”

Venus interjects “Hold on, so its ok to deviate with Uranus and get that one night stand, that unsuitable unwise choice while I wait for Saturn my long term one”

Rahu responds “I am saying you will always pay for me more than I am worth. You will always pay for my karmic future path and growth more than I deserve and that payment comes through false choices and false starts. Uranus will always bring opportunities for those but you will always be left paying more than you bargained for. But right now Saturn is aligned with your forward destiny, you are more likely to meet your destiny if you walk the longer path. If you take that longer road, If you take the heavier responsibility. If you consult that older guide or person. If you look at your past record to help you move forward. Your solid foundations, your heritage, your predecessors, your past is giving you the stable ground you need to walk your forward path. Its more likely for an older or father figure or superior to support you in your life path and growth. No guts no glory was great to get started but we need to get more strategic, more discerning now.”

Venus nods “So the clash of strength of will and determination that comes with this full moon of 27th April, you recommend I match the volatility with making the wiser choice, taking the longer path, drop a past karmic load, pay my debt and use your support to choose the path of going by facts without bias and make use of the resources available in my immediate surroundings versus looking for far off support or pie in the sky stuff. My path is progressive, its not going to be what it was and so hoarding past model of my life and my old possessions wouldn’t work for me. Similarly not taking the same bias against people wouldn’t work for me as well so I need to learn the new art of relating to others.

My need for stability and security shouldn’t keep me stuck in the past but it should also guide me to make a wiser choice for my future. I do need a stable ground to stand on for me to do the throw down my style with the right one in the right place and not in the seedy back alley cause I just want it now. I got to thank Uranus for waking me up to my desires but its Saturn whom I am going to ask to deliver.”

She was not ecstatic but she knew what she had to do…

Hope you found this discourse helpful.

Much love,


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