North Node In Aries : 17 Jul’23 to 11 Jan’25

Astrology with Charu!
1 min readJul 16, 2023

This is first nodal return for those born between Dec 2004 to June 2006. First nodal return wakes us up to our destiny — why were in born in the first place … to learn what, to perform what, to initiate what. Then this is second nodal return for those born between Apr 1986 to Dec 1987. This provides a reset if we have been on an old path for far too long loosing its purpose for this life. A new life mission is given.

For all of us look back to these years as everything from that time shifts!

For those born between Aug 1967 to Apr 1969 this is third nodal return & like every nodal return we get extra impetus to explore our life’s purpose but in third nodal return both north node & south node of our natal chart have matured which reduces the frantic finding nature of these interpreted as “malefic” in Vedic & glorified as “ambitious” in western astrology. Truth is somewhere in middle. We are found & we know ourself. There are less mindless escapades yet it’s no less bold phase of life