Road to August…

Astrology with Charu!
3 min readJul 14, 2023

As we transition from the “intense” part of the week to “adjustment” part of this week Sun at degree of expectancy is making a positive aspect to Uranus at degree of “Divine guidance” in face of crisis provided the crisis is faced in the right spirit. So let’s understand this fully to get in the right spirit!

Unsatisfied with what our “ordinary” social environment we are somehow longing for the unknown which is a feeling without a form. Uranus — the unknown though is at degree where spiritual guidance only comes in face of crisis. Uranus visits this degree in July to mid Aug for the first time since 1940. Change is inevitable but it begins through this “gentle” nudge even inspiration & longing for the unknown as we encounter a personal crisis of sorts.

To start with we are guided to manage an old emotional pattern in new ways we haven’t tried before. 17 Jul Cancer new moon would be key for that as we face a crisis of sorts which requires us to act despite our emotional “hang ups”. As we shift this emotional pattern — we are promised this unknown direction provided we face this in right spirit & take the lessons from it. This new unknown direction — it’s an “optional” transit (for now..) meaning it’s available to us but we need to actively tap into this guidance. To be guided we need to first accept that we are the one who wants & needs adjustment versus the rest of the world. It’s tough to do that in intensity of the moment as Pluto oppositions wake up egos even in the ones who do not think they have any. Yet the two quincunx end of the week & into weekend want us to make adjustments in how we voice things & how we love with both our Mercury & Venus in Leo finding themselves in need of rebalancing. Our grand ideas need to be chopped piecemeal in achievable edible bites, our grand voice & magnanimous thinking and love needs to find its right boundaries with others. We discover there are many routes to the Mecca we search for & longer route isn’t necessarily wrong. Cause we meet people we need to meet & discover our true selves which is essential to get there.

Coming back to optional part of this transit cause I put that “for now” part there. We are heading to Leo season & my regular readers know that means Yod activations which are fated & Uranus surprises. Change stops being optional in face of these. So the 7 Jul & 14 Jul gentle nudge to new directions would become loud messages on 23 Jul & especially with 16 Aug Leo new moon at 23° Leo with which Uranus urges us to move fully in a new direction in a big way. That wouldn’t be an option & those new beginnings are permanent in nature … as permanent life is. A new beginning that requires both perseverance & audacity to be oneself will be key messaging of 16 Aug Leo New Moon.

More on that later…