Solar Eclipse at 29º50' Aries : April to July 2023 Astrology Horoscope

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5 min readApr 20


“Music of the Spheres”

Solar Eclipses bring fated new beginnings. Yet sometimes they first challenge our old beginnings as they were not true to us or stopped being true to ourselves.

Look back to 2004 — what was that you started. If it was a new chapter of life especially for cardinal signs — it’s possible that you need to let a part of it end & release. It seems this new chapter challenges our old ways of doing things especially professionally or how we take lead in our personal life. Power and Authority & how we feel comfortable with it within ourselves seems to be key change. With that psychological change comes a physical change. One that we may not have seen coming till we recognise and accept the truth of what’s not working in the current situation.

This eclipse is ofcourse very significant considering it’s degree — the last degree of first sign of the zodiac is an ultimate pushed to the end actional degree. We feel compelled to act yet not sure in what direction. It seems both the end of something very significant as well as the beginning of something. But beginning is not very evident considering we are starting this eclipse with mercury retrograde & the fact that this eclipse will not become physically activated till July 2023. Meaning whatever we contemplate to start now it would take this time till July for us to make any physical progress on it or even understand what physical manifestation would match what we want to start.

This is a degree of Attunement to cosmic order, the degree of “Listening to the inner voice” so it’s very befitting that it’s coming with a retrograde of our mind. Though retrograde is in Taurus — practical physical monetary aspects of what we need to initiate needs reconsideration, deeper thought and possibly a structured plan. Your inner voice might be telling you to clearly close a chapter & start a new more authentic phase in life where your personal power, skills, uniqueness are not compromised yet physical practical aspects might be in the way. That’s the period from now to mid May. Dedicated to resolving that, planning, thinking, recognising. Taurus is also about love & not just money. Sometimes we go headfirst into Aries initiation without thinking if our heart will sing if we go in that direction or is it anger or passion that’s dragging us there.

There is a lot to think of , otherwise we would already be there yet we are not. We all hate fixed t squares — they represent stuffy stuck situations with seemingly no way out. Yet no such thing ever existed out of which there is no way out. It’s usually our own compulsiveness for known solutions that keep us resistant and stuck. Our own inability to compromise.

T square formed as part of this eclipse continues for months from now. It’s not a short cycle. Pluto the apex of this t square is standing still & hence is extremely powerful influence right now. Hence the pressure & seemingly feeling of sonething dramatically ending. Death. It literally does represent that. Today is death anniversary of my dearly departed father. His death was birth of astrology for me. Pluto works that ways. I am not sharing that to feel sorry about it but more to think why what we might begin in such an aspect might have very strong emotional underpinnings. It’s not simple or easy, it’s clear overcoming of something, mostly ourselves. This t square will transition from a fixed to cardinal t square as we move to July. That’s why I am sure this resolution will take us time to act on and physically move forward on.

In global events this could be an actual physical conflict which builds and builds till it gets activated in July physically. But I don’t wish to talk of global events today as Aries eclipses are better focused on self in terms of energy spent.

Good thing about a fixed t square is that there is no escaping the issue. We are given the Will power, concentration and power to handle it even if psychologically you may not feel so under the considerable pressure of it. Lot of this tiredness is due to resistance — two squares in a t square is like two stubborn & bi polar parts of us arguing non stop sign each other. There is a clear tug of war as we do not know how to integrate these two parts of us. Whichever part you ignore starts acting up. Taurus half of you wants to eat drink earn be happy while Scorpio part wouldn’t rest if your personal power & authenticity is being compromised. And how dare you enjoy basic joys of life without it’s darkness and brooding & conflicts and complexities. Conscious & unconscious parts of us oppose putting us in between ready to be physically torn apart — like one person wanting to be in two places at once. Pluto adds compulsion to it & possibly conflicts of verbal and physical nature. We are learning to express Pluto in Aquarius well considering it’s our first meeting with it ever in our life. It requires a significant mindset change. Pluto is at the degree of Aquarius where Saturn Jupiter met back in Dec 2020 starting a new phase of our physical reality. Structure of our tangible growth shifted with that synod starting. How we would grow, what would be source of our physical abundance & growth shifted with that. Now Pluto at that very degree is making the accelerated changes required for us to get there. There is a reason Pluto in Aquarius themes like AI exploded with Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius in March which seems a century ago. So much shifted in short period of time. See where Pluto in Aquarius sits for you, cause that’s the focus of change for you and me for resolving this pressure, this t square. I am a Scorpio rising so it’s home, place of living & psychological pursuits for me. We spoke of this in detail in Dec 2020 with Saturn Jupiter transit in Aquarius — you can review that. I haven’t done Pluto videos on it. If you have interest in that let me know.

When a T square like this appears, there is usually an intermediate situation that needs to be resolved before a new start can even physically begin. This Pluto in Aquarius places focal interest in resolving that intermediate step before you can manifest the unique powerful beginning this eclipse offers.

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