Sun Conjunct Uranus Surprises

Astrology with Charu!
2 min readMay 12, 2024

As we have Sun meeting Uranus come Monday 13 May at 23º Taurus, expect the unexpected in name of events, your own vibe & actions and harness your ability to move beyond what doesn’t serve your desires any more — its a move to higher vibration which requires us to shed old facade, old ways of operating and we can experience surprises or possibly act rashly to set free of our old life. Not going beyond norm is not an option. Cause if we dont event accept what’s not real, we become our own resistance and there is clear burn out due to trapped current in the body. We see this manifest in all things migraines, anxiety, pressure within our system and overall short circuit of our body’s electric system / nerves yet anticipation even excitement. While calm is advised (usual nerve calming — I like magnesium for me), there is a reason for our body vibrating differently, we got to tune into a new frequency. This is both an ending and a beginning. More we resist changing our ways more this feels like pushing against current. We have Jupiter conjunction to look forward to on 18 May to realise this shift is meant to be for our own expansion and gain.

It’s said if atleast one person doesn’t tell us that we are acting “weird” or differently in this transit, we are probably not listening to our own voice & following our own instincts vs doing what others require us to do. Something to think about though I won’t be that exacting 🙂

This is extract from full Uranus in Taurus transit — I will post the complete article in a bit as well, apologies its long, wrote after a while got carried away.

Much love ❤️