The Neptune transit…

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3 min readSep 19, 2023

Try to not judge yourself in a moment of weakness. You would give that courtesy to others why not to yourself. It’s easier said than done in Virgo season. As we experience the annual Sun Neptune opposition at 26°16’ the flaws in our vision become too blaring & there is a feeling of dissatisfaction with our physical self which requires self compassion & empathy. Looking for it outside is usually disappointing & sometimes downright a road to getting duped.

In a moment of psychological & physical exhaustion we are most open to divine & ego takes a rest. In what feels like hitting bottom of personal energy — we finally refill our cup by ceasing to run if only for a minute. Ceasing to pretend & cater to others if only for a minute. Compassion shouldn’t mean our cup should run empty. Conserve personal energy. Honor your need to be with yourself possibly by water or anything that inspires you creating something truest original. Find a balance between giving yourself to others & nurturing yourself. Hopes which seem dashed in some areas of life — reword that narrative to — much is gained in my persona just by trying. Not all roads lead to physical manifestation — some are just psychologically meant to change us, prepare us for bigger & better manifestations in life. Not having dreamed at all is surely worst.

This opposition is when inspirational goals are transformed & changed as Virgo Sun lights up some grounding & some reality checks to it. It also shows where you are physically depleting yourself by being too harsh to yourself or by running after your inspiration without a thought to the physical vessel that’s carrying you. Immunity is low, walls are lower — you need “me time”.

Neptune transits make us loose a sense of self identity especially to Sun or to our critical axis esp Midheaven (hello mutable signs Gemini Virgo Pisces Sagittarius). Unanchored we seem adrift at sea with everyone on shore seeming to have a better time. While we deal with slippery — cannot seem to catch it salty sea water which we seem to not be able to leave. Tired yet lulled by the rocking boat we realise we might be here to not just redefine meaning of our shore but also to fight some imaginary crocodiles or demons that seem to fill our boat & will follow us to whatever shore we might finally build. It’s never fair yet it’s never unnecessary — whatever life hands us. Best works are created fighting those demons in a creaky rocking boat adrift far from the shore. While someone on that illusive shore seems to think you are having a rocking good time. No one’s reality is perfect. The “not so yourself” version of you that you might be seeing right now is an “inspired” version of oneself for someone else. Every word written on that page you threw away has some merit, some workable idea. Provided we can simplify, focus & trust it a bit more and yes rearrange it with some real boring stuff. But it’s tough to feel that way in a rocking boat.

That’s why days like today come — once in a year to physically psychologically diminish us exhaust us so we can finally stop flapping our fins around in choppy water, put down our weapons and ego & stand still for a minute in empathy, in self compassion, in exclusion from external noise to readjust, refuel & refocus our inspirations in productive ways

There are better ways to do this & you will find it 🙏🏾

Much love 💕