Venus Enters Taurus !

As we enter some of most intense yet beneficial days of this year, we have the planet of love, finances and beauty enter its own zodiac sign in its strength ready to manifest our desires. We have talked of the upcoming intensity and the new beginnings but lets talk of this very supporting aspect which will continue to support us till 8th of May.

I apologise I was busy in some birthday R&R with family while this sweet benefic planet moved into its strength on 14th but we have time till 8th of May to enjoy it.

Key Dates :

Venus in Taurus : 14 April to 8 May

Venus Conjunct Uranus 10º14’ : 22 April

Venus Square Saturn 12º52’ : 25 April

Venus Sextile Neptune 22º26’: 2 May

Venus Trine Pluto 26º47’ : 6 May

Venus rules our relationships, heart, art, creativity, women in our life, finances and our value system — its a satellite of Sun which influences the choices we make and when its in sign of strength we make good choices in these areas. Venus in Taurus desires stability both emotionally and materially, seeks peace, harmony, beauty, long lasting relationships and financial abundance. Emotional loyalty and reliability is very important to Venus in Taurus as is enjoying indulging in good living, good food, wine and arts. This is reflected in the choices we make when Venus is in Taurus like now.

Venus in Taurus has a stability and permanency to it but not the kind that Saturn imposes, its the one of choice.

Venus in Taurus only wants to stay in places and with people that provide highest quality of pleasure, sense of self-value and satisfaction of practical tangible kind, pleasing our five senses. Its not frivolous but its also not a lunar mother, most women confuse that in love. Moon is nurturing mother, Venus is not the same. Luna mother gives birth, nourishes and comes with the emotional strings of its own which the man or woman they have given birth to outgrow as they discover their own capacity to love and nurture.

Moon needs to belong to someone. Venus doesn’t.

Venus attracts by being the embodiment of everyone’s desires and source of pleasure. There is so much taboo attached to that but in that taboo we have lost the feminism embedded in Venus. This is not weakness or objectification — this is power that comes through valuing ourselves. There is nothing lost in giving oneself to another for she always has herself, she always belongs to oneself and not another so love is more free and embracing and full of sensuality. Erotic love that Venus in Taurus represents has been made so taboo over years of rules of society and pseudo feminists that it has lost its power and its Aphrodite qualities.

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Yes Venus in Taurus now comes with Uranus in Taurus so there will be way more financial surprises, freedom and innovation than we normally observe in the financial markets, in fashion, in designs, with women, in love, in sex and marriages, in good taste & good living. Its kind of “de-tabooing” the Aphrodite nature of Venus as well. As each one of these surprises adds more authenticity to our desires. Takes out the traditional taboo attached to the method of attaining as well the objects of our desires. 22nd April is when this shows up through this annual global shift which is progressive and spread over years while Uranus is in Taurus (till 2025). With each such contact our personal values shift in line with the changes our collective consciousness is undergoing releasing full potential according to a new ideal.

I find this the process of releasing the Aphrodite and women from the taboo of past where she must be a Moon, a nurturer, a safety seeker and not a Venus, a sexual being, a charmer, a pleasure seeker.

Aphrodite Venus gives herself to the one she desires not the one who needs her. She doesn’t barter her passions and love for stability and safety. She is unabashed in her seduction and enchantments. She radiates absolute power of attraction not with a promise of nurture, sacrifice & emotional bondage. She attracts because of what she is, not for what she would do for another. Its embodiment of absolute self love and self value not depending on another’s love for self worth and hence being able to joyfully give herself to another without the strings attached. She doesn’t hook up, for she is the hook. Every man or woman is hooked not for they see their saviour or mother in them but for they see how they wish they loved themselves in another. She doesn’t choose that, she chooses her reflection cause she is not Moon looking for security.

I also relate this to prominence of women in finance and shift in their position in the financial world where they were not considered to be “lusty” enough to perform well.

In Taurus Venus we all do things to create this sense of permanence within us by deepening our own sense of value by investing in ourselves, by making ourselves more valuable, by shifting how we create value in our life away from past stable sources. And in that with Uranus she is not afraid of falling short of past collective values and morals. This shift tends to cause changes in marriages, family structures and sources of income. Even though they might look impulsive but they are driven by an irrevocable change thats happening in what we desire and how we love, value ourselves.

The vows are not broken out of spite but out of passions and wanting to feel alive.

One may never stay or find home with that passion but that passion becomes a source of awakening for that person to deeper authentic sense of what they value, want and desire. Uranus relationships are always a means to fully come into oneself. The unsuitable affairs and unsuitable financial pursuits all cause deep hurt to those involved but they have to be had cause denial of those is also suffering. Venus isn’t concerned with being morally right for its moral obligation is to get their desires right and disconnecting from our Venus can make us right in the society but never right within us. No volume of being right with the society can compensate of not being true to ones own desires.

Though society will try hard as we would have Saturn making a hard aspect to this Venus being de-tabooed and we would experience this in form of financial regulations, women censorship, oppression of our choices in our personal life sometimes through our own old archaic values.

This freed Venus becomes a harlot in our parents and society’s eyes cause she chooses herself and seems to seduce others into making those choices too.

But remember loosing the “harlot” within us for society also makes us loose our spontaneous joy, pleasure and self confidence. No amount of pursuit of intellect, worldly success, raising spiritual heights, becoming someone who everyone “likes” will ever compensate for loss of self value that comes from denying our body and it source of pleasure, beauty and satisfaction. Religion and society will never agree with this for its Saturn not Venus, society not personal. Everything in our life reflects this sense of love for ourselves — every choice we make from whether we take care of our body, what food we eat to who we decide to have in our life or what profession we pursue — all our life choices are reflection of this freedom to choose ourselves that either we deny or give ourselves. Uranus tries to free that choice while Saturn tries to suppress this. We experience both this year and many of us experience one or another in our birth chart making it our life choice.

When the raw libido of Aphrodite meets Pluto in positive aspect on 6th May with Venus becoming visible, we can create media, poetry, dance, investment opportunities, stable long lasting assets full of passion.

Instead of suppressing them under the societal pressure we can use the strategy side and deep acumen of this Venus to create value from our charms, our creativity, our art, translate fantasy to beautiful forms. This is happening at a degree of fixed star Algol so we have to be a bit more careful of obsessions. At this degree Venus truly transforms into Lilith herself, everything that men feared in feminine herself. She becomes the wild, raw, frightening face of the outraged feminine which was labelled as demonic or evil, she is very seductive with strong karmic pull. This is immense feminine passion and power. The power itself may not be evil but how its used can be. Strong consuming passions devour us with anger and rage but they can also leave us with a lot of power to transform art forms. As we are charged with strong, intense, even sexually charged energy, we can channel it for creating deeper beauty & art as we see far beyond normal instead of trying to repress it leading to rage and violence. Financial investments made through intensive acumen & research are also favoured.

But before that expect the unexpected in love, finances, arts and women. Expect that our women, love, sex, marriages, movies, dance, drama, actors, art, music, dancing, entertainment, pleasure, bedrooms, cosmetics, fashion, designers, gambling, glamour, prosperity, currency systems are in for a world of change which becomes exaggerated in this annual contact we are arrive at 22nd April. Also expect financial rules, regulations and censor of the new methods that new free world is using for attaining its worth.

But know that we cannot unring Uranus as it frees the “harlot” within us, plunging necklines, unabashed curves, to zipzaging financial markets threatening financial security will make the conservatives outside and within us sweat during this Venus transit.




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