Weekly #Astrology #Horoscope : Matters of Heart

Venus makes its move into Aries staying till 14th April and its about to meet Sun on 26th March in superior conjunction. Venus representative of what we love, value & desire is undergoing a shift this week from being a morning star for past 9 months to transitioning to an evening star toward early May.

With Chiron conjunction and Libra full moon opposition in coming week, our love language will undergo change as would our creative expression. We would find our Instinctual Venus confronting our Social Venus.

So this Aries venus season — we learn to get in touch with our own brand of feminine values, our inner Venus crying out for expression to be herself as a person rather than be a standard of measure of external accomplishment. Sometimes we hold back our self love due to it not being reciprocated outside, we hold back our creativity for lack of external clicks and likes, we hold back our taste as its too stand-offish / pariah to others, we hold back our way of making money / dealing with finances cause we wont make what others think we should be making by now. This Aries Venus we relearn to respond to our instinctual nature — it was given to us for a purpose like everything as a child — to serve us and protect us.



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